My Hero Academia Season 6

Published on 21 December 2022 at 16:30
My Hero Academia Season 6

In this article, we will be discussing My Hero Academia season 6! What to expect, who to watch out for and our thoughts on the new powers, fight scenes and character development.


Whilst the end of the new season of My Hero Academia is now upon us, fans were excited to see what new powers and fight scenes the show had in store. While the first few episodes have been action-packed, there are some mixed opinions on the new additions to the show. Some fans love seeing all of the new powers and fight scenes, while others feel that they are a bit too over-the-top and take away from the story. There are also those who feel that the new season is staying true to the roots of the show, and they are enjoying seeing all of the new development. We definitely love the “over-the-top-fighting” and disagree with it taking away from the story, actually it fits perfectly well. No matter what your opinion is on the new season, there is no denying that it has been an exciting ride so far. We can't wait to see what the final episode has in store for our favorite heroes!

My Hero Academia Season 6 Review

We were introduced to a whole host of new powers and fight scenes, and the characters have been pushed to their limits. The action is non-stop, and the plot is thickening by the episode. With one major turn of events during the end of the 11th episode (WE WONT SPOIL IT).

We were absolutely blown away by the new powers on display in season 6. One For All is truly an incredible Quirk, and we loved seeing how Deku used it to take on Tomura shigaraki. The impact of All Might’s retirement has also led to some interesting changes in the power dynamics of the show, and we’re excited to see where things go from here. A lot more background information is revealed during this sixth season considering the One For All power.

The fight scenes this season have been nothing short of amazing. The animation is top-notch, and the choreography is superb. Every battle feels unique and exciting, we are honestly amazed with the tremendous amount of effort that has been put into these scenes as you can clearly tell.

Character Development

In previous seasons, we've seen characters like All Might and Midoriya develop their abilities to amazing levels. The show's writers have done an excellent job of making each character feel unique and powerful in their own way, so we have been excited to see how they have grown this season.

We also looked forward to seeing more of the relationships between the characters. One of the things that makes My Hero Academia so special is its focus on friendship and found family. We've seen time and again how important these bonds are, and have sure been tested this season. With so much at stake, we can't wait for you to see how our heroes will rise to the occasion.

New Powers

When it comes to the new powers and fight scenes of My Hero Academia's latest season, we have a lot to say! For starters, the new abilities on display are simply amazing. The way in which they are used in combat is also top-notch, making for some of the most exciting battles we've seen in the whole series.

One particular stand-out moment was when Midoriya and his friends fought against the new an better Tomura shigaraki using all his new One For All powers techniques in combination. The way he utilised his quirks was amazing to see, and it resulted in one of the most jaw-dropping moments of the entire season.

Another great example came during Bakugo's battle with another villain which we will not spoil. He managed to find a new wind of energy and showed us some real speed! We got to see him utilise his Explosion quirk in some really creative ways, leading to one of the most explosive (pun intended) fights of the series so far.

We were impressed with the new powers and fight scenes of My Hero Academia's latest season. However the 12th and last episode of season 6 dropped off on a cliffhanger and we would have liked to see more of a banger at the end of the show. during the entire series we did get to see a lot of combat but we'd hoped for a bit more greatness in some way.

Fight Scenes

One of the things that My Hero Academia does best is its fight scenes. The show is packed with some truly impressive battles, and the new season is no exception. The first few episodes of the season see our heroes going up against a powerful foe, and the action is top-notch.

We especially loved the scene where Izuku Midoriya takes on one of the craziest villains to date of the show. It's an incredibly intense battle, and one that really showcases Midoriya's strength as a hero, but also gives the viewers the idea that he is definitely not at his peak yet. In the next season we would like to see even more shows of strength and power. maybe even the end of the show as all things have to come to an end. if it were to be dragged along for another three seasons it might be a bit too much and dragged out. of course we love to see our beloved heroes but nothing is worse then dragging out a really good story for too long. we're hoping for an explosive finale of the series within the next two seasons.


We thoroughly enjoyed season 6 of My Hero Academia and thought it was a great addition to the series. The new powers and fight scenes were definitely highlights for us and we can't wait to see what else the series has in store for us. We highly recommend giving it a watch if you haven't already!

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