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The Big Bang Theory is often referred to as one of the most absurd and hilarious sitcoms in the history of American television. It's based on two socially awkward, uber-smart people in a geeky field (Physics, Astronomy) and their lives outside of the sciences. The show has weighed in on many topics, like relationships, math, sharing a wife and the search for meaningful purchases.

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Stranger Things Season 4

Stranger things season four starts off with a flashback from the testing facility. In the teasers dropped right before the release of the new chapter, we've seen some interesting things about characters returning. This first episode of the new chapter lets us take a look inside the day-to-day lives from our beloved characters and how they have changed and grown overtime. Since there was a time gap, they had to implement at least one of these introductions. Otherwise, the story would not match the timeline. Time gaps are usually pretty difficult to substain take the"doctor strange" movies for example

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