Stranger Things Season 4

Published on 29 June 2022 at 08:48

The biggest threat they faced so far!

Stranger Things Season 4

Stranger things season four starts off with a flashback from the testing facility. In the teasers dropped right before the release of the new chapter, we've seen some interesting things about characters returning. This first episode of the new chapter lets us take a look inside the day-to-day lives from our beloved characters and how they have changed and grown overtime. Since there was a time gap, they had to implement at least one of these introductions. Otherwise, the story would not match the timeline. Time gaps are usually pretty difficult to substain take the"doctor strange" movies for example

The main objective at this point is to find a new player for their favorite game, Dungeons and Dragons. The game they have grown up with and still to this day play with the same joy and thrill they had when they were younger. It actually feels like the game has matured a bit with them as they have joined a D&D club called; Hellfire. The stories seem a bit more sinister and dark in comparison to these simple, playful stories back in the day.

Even though we get a look into the separate “normal lives” our characters live, we see them cope with the loss of Billy and Hopper. You can tell that life has gone on, but it's still very hard for them to act normal and to join in normal life and day-to-day conversations. After what they've all been through it's basically impossible to live life the normal way and make new friends, act social and have fun, but still they try.

The series is following a path where we have multiple storylines growing towards each other. The fun thing about this is that all of them have way different problems than the others. I find that the directors have done an excellent job at cutting from one to another storyline. Keeping in mind that new characters are introduced and implemented into the storylines as well. In previous chapters there were characters that I found quite irritating and plainly annoying, but to my relief I haven't felt this feeling with any of the new characters so far. I actually liked all of them right off the bat because they had a valid introduction to the series and the actors or actresses have been well cast. Maybe the characters from previous chapters were supposed to be irritating and annoying. Then I say to the directors; alright you've done a very well job, but I had this feeling with characters that were supposed to be caring and loving, so it doesn't feel quite right for me at least.

As the story moves on, things get more complicated and most of the characters get endangered more and more, while some have been endangered since the start of the first episode. A great evil power is eventually discovered, and the team knows that shit is about to hit the fan. Our now experienced group, who have fought many demons before, gets right into fighting mode once more. The interesting factor so far about this chapter is that we see all sorts of different stories unfolding, and these stories get closer and closer to each other. They nailed the plot writing right on the money and is by far one of the best chapters of stranger things  in my opinion.

In the later stages of the series, we get a more in depth look of Eleven’s past. With decent facial CGI, the stories of the past are being told. In episode seven we almost have a complete reunion but have to wait this speculative possibility until the last two episodes are being released somewhere in July. 

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