The Craft Of KenJo Sabers

Published on 22 August 2022 at 16:30

The Saber Crafters

In existence there are crafters and wielders, most of the time you hear folklore about the wielders and their fierce powers and sheer willingness to succeed in their ambitions. And sometimes just sometimes a story of a secret craft Is told. In forsaken worlds and Taverns where only the lost reside are the secrets of these crafts told. Only the few live long enough to become “The Crafters”.

 I am writing this article for all of you because I have achieved a certain item from “The Crafters” they have bestowed upon me a powerful weapon or tool however you prefer to call it. For a certain fee this might be yours too. In this article, I will go over all the details I discovered about this ingenious lightsaber which I have acquired. We have also written a full lightsaber guide to help you decide what you need!

As some of you might know, on this website we share our passion of collecting all sorts of items. We do this through writing articles, sharing where you can buy those collectibles, making unboxing videos on YouTube and lastly writing reviews about them.

We mainly want to give you a good source of information about the items you want to buy. What we don't want is for you to spend your preciously earned coin on unworthy products that someone ordered from a sketchy place and is reselling to you for a price which is way too high. I've scoured the Internet for the ultimate lightsaber company and I can finally say I have found the one!

Once my order was ready it was shipped to my house quickly, and it came packaged really nicely. Of which, the unboxing you can check out on our YouTube Channel.The great thing about this company is that they included me a gift that wasn't necessary, but highly appreciated. It's the little extra they put in to thank you for your order.

I must say that I was very surprised to find out I had received not only a lightsaber but also two very cool Lego Star Wars characters (usually only 1). In the package there was also a lightsaber plug which you can buy as an add-on for your Saber (not included).

The Acolyte Lightsaber

The Base

when I finished unboxing everything, I could finally try it out. Before I got the Acolyte, I already had some experience with lightsabers. However, I haven't experienced such a high quality lightsaber before."well I thought I did" But now that I've got the acolyte I know I hadn't. The base has an elegant style, is nice to the touch and also quite smooth.

The hex screws embedded into the base are cleverly hidden into its structure. I think In terms of weight It's just about right, it's not too heavy, and it makes you feel like you're actually wielding something.

The Blade

 The blade is strong and is easily attachable to the base. It makes a sound once you hit another lightsaber or object which adds to the immersiveness. The finishing touches on the blade are pretty well done which makes the saber complete.

The Sound

 The sound that the Saber produces is superb, in my opinion it's a lot better than what I'm used to in other sabers. Most lightsabers have a couple options such as; low volume, high volume and mute. The metal material used in the creation of this actually compliments the sound waves. It enhances the sound inside the Saber like a ringing bell. This adds to the quality of their craft.

Fonts & Smooth swing

There are 10 different kinds of fonts which you can all hear if you click on the audio tab right below. I like the diversity of different fonts because you can make different combinations with fonts and colors. This way you can make over 66 combinations, which is amazing. During testing, I found out that if you do spins or combinations over longer periods of time, the lightsaber stops smooth swinging for a second.

I do have to say that this only happens if you're doing over the top, extremely long spins. I only noticed this because I was testing the limits of the Saber. If you're not going to spin the lightsaber for 10 minutes straight, you're going to be fine. The multiple fonts on the saber don't only make the smooth swinging sound different, it also gives you a different sound for clashing and reflecting blaster bolts. This is different for every font

Interaction responsiveness

Now we have come to the interaction of the Saber. What I mean with this is the responsiveness off the lightsaber. I'm used to sabers that react really quick, which makes it easier to do clashes and to turn it on or off. This lightsaber is a little different from the other ones I have had experience with. You have to hold the ignition button, which you use for a multitude of things, a little longer.

Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but I had preferred it to be a little quicker. Nonetheless, it does make it cooler once you spin ignite your lightsaber because you can time it better in my opinion. One more thing that I have to add is that you can skip through the light choosing cycle, which is really nice, nobody wants to wait an eternity for their color to show up. You can just click through it with the ignition button, which is a really nice touch.


The acolyte lightsaber from KenJo Sabers is in many ways better than the other lightsabers I've had experience with For example; the audio quality of the lightsaber is a lot better than what I'm used to, next to that the smooth swing picks even the tiniest of movements incredibly well, furthermore the light source is a bit brighter than the others. I only found two things which could have been a little better, which is the responsiveness of the ignition button when you are changing fonds or when you are doing a clash.

It could have been faster, and the smooth swinging cuts out after a long time of spinning, but only affects you if you are spinning for a very long time. Overall, I think this lightsaber is a perfect starting lightsaber, and it holds up really well during duels.

The blade is quite tough and doesn't seem like it's going to break anytime soon. I definitely recommend this lightsaber to anyone who wants to buy a on the cheaper side lightsaber. At the moment of writing this, the lightsaber’s normal price is €116.02 and is discounted to €111.17. This review is about the Acolyte base lit RGB lightsaber. This lightsaber is also available in standard neopixel, premium neopixel and proffie 2.2 which obviously have different prices with the most expensive one being €459,97.

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