My favorite wizarding world YouTubers

Published on 20 July 2022 at 16:30

XpectoGO and Benjamin Snow

My favorite "Wizarding World" YouTubers.
It was about time for me to write this article about my favorite 3 wizarding world YouTubers or better said Wizards and witch. I know there are a lot more YouTubers out there creating content about the most exciting game in my life so far, Hogwarts Legacy. But for me, they just didn't make the cut.

The content that these three create are unique and refreshing in comparison to the other standard same format videos on the YouTube platform. I get that other content creators want to get the same information out there, but they just don't have the same high quality standard.


Who are these two amazing wizards and mighty witch I'm talking about? For the people that have been following the Hogwarts legacy excitement for the last year and a half or so might have heard of ExpectoGO and Benjamin snow. Now, these two names combined rhyme awfully well together, and that's because the wizarding world magic binds them. As they research and reveal the lore behind the wizarding world, Hogwarts legacy game.

The ExpectoGO channel exists out of James and Samantha vitale (nom de plume) better known as Sue to the community. For most people, she is one of the hosts of the XpectoGO channel. However, she also went to college for physics and works a very technical day job. Next to that, she's also a writer. One of the books she wrote is “the lady alchemist” the story is about an alchemist named Sepha who's thrown into prison by a slip of the tongue.

Threatened by a death sentence hanging over her, she's forced to make a deal with a conniving magician. If this story sounds interesting, you should check out her website by clicking the following link. If you want even more magical stories, you should also be watching out for her upcoming book called; The great alchemist, which is a prologue to the lady alchemist.


The first video of the channel aired on December 9th 2017. A couple videos at that time were about the hyped game called Pokémon Go. An augmented reality game where you can catch all sorts of Pokémon with your phone. However, the channel has been mostly posting about wizarding world related content such as; wizard unite, unboxings and eventually also Hogwarts legacy.

Before I got wind about Hogwarts legacy, I had never heard of the XpectoGO channel. This is probably because the channel sits at around 9000 subscribers, but don't mistake the subscriber count for its quality. Because the growing channel does definitely not lack it! They bring outstanding, enthusiastic and interesting content to the table. They even have a wizarding Wednesday, a weekly occurring show where all the new information about the game but, also other magical world related content is presented.

During these shows, James does a pirouette every time we reach 100 likes on the stream. So I ask all you readers go subscribe to the XpectoGO channel through this link and on the next Wednesday stream, smash that like button so that James will get dizzy of doing pirouettes! He might have done ballet for quite some years, but he can't keep spinning forever.

Side note; Look at them fricking calves!

Furthermore, James and Sue are really interactive with the chat, and they make you feel like you're there with them discussing everything together. Don't even get me started about the community of the XpectoGo channel, it's honestly the most loving, caring all-inclusive community I've encountered so far. I've got to admit I've spent a lot of time on all sorts of platforms and servers, and I've never seen a community like this. It's almost like it's magical.

So this is to all the XpectoGO community members; You guys are amazing, and I'm grateful to be part of this incredible group of witches and wizards, I'll see you all on wizarding Wednesday!

Benjamin Snow

Igor, better known as Benjamin snow from his acting career and YouTube channel with over 5.7k subscribers. Whom I discovered on YouTube about four to five months ago. A little while before, the Hogwarts legacy game play trailer released. I immediately loved his enthusiasm about the game and the wizarding world in general. It sparked me that he even designed his own wand based on a image from Hogwarts Legacy and made it out of a drumstick!

which he held during the entire gameplay trailer. This on its own showed me his excitement and love for the upcoming game. I especially liked his urban studio like background design with the neon controller on the wall. During the live streams, he's very interactive with the chat and make sure to include as much people as possible into the conversation. He also does community polls on the channel, which makes it even more interactive.

As I did my research about Igor, I found some interesting details. He had or still has a FAA part 107 remote pilot certificate, which is basically a drone license. This fact is pretty cool and would be highly useful in the acting and producing industry. Probably most of you know that he has an education Master’s degree on acting.

One of his first short films which I found highly entertaining was; “the killing of Chuck”. (click this link to see the video) next to that he also starred in a pretty significant role in a 2020 movie called; “A Spark in Nothing” produced by; To The Moon Filmworks and directed by Griffin Loch. (which the trailer of you can see here). But coming back to the short film "the killing of Chuck". One of my favorite lines out of the video is; “A nicely, friendly, flap on the back”.

Of which the context is impossible to understand until you watch the clip! It's highly unlikely that you have seen this clip, but I definitely recommend you do so. As I had quite the giggle of Igor’s early work.

Side note: Don't be like Chuck

Around three years ago, when Benjamin snow uploaded his first YouTube video, the content was about unboxing. And so were other YouTube videos posted afterwards. After a while he started posting more about games starting off with back 4 blood, posting about God of War, Shadow of war, Horizon forbidden west and eventually coming to Hogwarts legacy.

Even though that these days the topic is mostly about the wizarding world, he also includes events like the E3 conference and state of play by Playstation. He co-streams events like this live on his channel. His equally divided calmness and enthusiasm makes him a great show host, and his show is definitely watchable for the entire family.

If you also enjoy the content he puts out, I'll let you know that he's currently working on creating a discord server for his community to join and communicate on about all the anticipated games, movies pop culture oriented or even off-topic subjects. I bet once it's finally finished, it's going to be a hell of a server and will definitely be a lot of fun to join. I'll make sure to inbed the discord invite link on this article once it's finished.I will see you all in the comment section and during the live streams.

I hate to let you all go ,but this was the article about ExpectoGO and Benjamin Snow!

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