Should I watch "The Barbarian"?

Published on 9 November 2022 at 15:00
The barbarian the movie

With "Barbarian," writer/director  Zach Cregger shows that he is a true movie creator, starting with a nightmare that might happen to those who walk towards screams and such rather than running away. Documentary researcher Tess played by actress (Georgina Campbell) arrives in a small house in a forgotten suburb of Detroit late at night in the freezing rain, where a sleepy man named Keith is already residing. She asks to see if his reservation confirmation checks out, which it does. Now that they are stuck with the double-booked AirBnB, Keith decides to take the couch.

By fabricating a vague scenario in which Tess is placed in a precarious position with a man she does not know in a house she just arrived at, the director/writer is skilled at what he does. Encouraging the notion that Keith might serve as a hostile and villainous character. You might recognize the actor who plays Keith, because his name is Bill Skarsgård he plays the horrendous clown in the movie IT. If you have not already been impressed by his acting skills in Stephen King’s film adaptation of "IT," then you surely will be this time. The great question if Bill Skarsgård is indeed playing once more a horrendous character is answered in one of the best scenes of the movie.

In one of the later acts, Justin Long shows up at the house to deal with some unfinished business. The character he plays is an "I don’t give a sh*t" guy driving a convertible. Whilst having no worries in the world AJ (Justin Long’s character) gets a phone call considering an incident with a Co actress. His worry less attitude changes in a flick as he has been accused of something horrible. AJ brings some real comedy to the screen. His exalted behavior and his annoyed appearance bring a few funny scenes to the hair-raising atmosphere. Making previous environments seem like a normal day-to-day life experience was worthy of some laughs.

The ambience of the movie is a great factor of why the movie is sinister and definitely hart rate raising. However, as with most horror movies these days, I do not understand the process these people go through while making decisions. I had my hopes up when Tess seemed to nope the hell out of the situation, only to continue making reckless and utterly idiotic decisions seconds later. The script could have easily avoided the multitude of unbelievable actions. This unfortunately got worse towards the end of the movie, sketching a more comedic vibe rather than spine chilling.

Overall, the movie is enjoyable, with chilling situations based on stupid decisions. This does not take away the accelerated heart rate I had during the movie, but luckily you were given enough breathers to calm down. This one might not be a masterpiece, but there are definitely lots of good aspects to it, such as the environment and camera work. Not to forget that they have included some good jump scares. If you do not mind a sprinkle of irrational decision-making in your horror movies, you should definitely add this one to your list.

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