Thor: Love and Thunder worth watching?

Published on 7 July 2022 at 12:37

The Love and the Thunder

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The intro scene surrounds us with a vast ocean of sand, you can feel the drought, the heat coming from the screen. We find ourselves following a man with his daughter traveling through sandy plains. They are religious humanoid creatures who are severely dehydrated, but still they keep faith in their God to save them.

Eventually, the man finds a tropical paradise in the middle of this enormous desert. This is the place where he shall not find salvation, but eternal damnation by choice. I must say that the way they introduced these new characters was done really well. It didn't feel rushed at all, this first part was well written so to speak


Transition to the Guardians and Thor's Humorous Journey

Further along, the story focuses on the Guardians of the Galaxy team, which Thor teamed up with. And this is where it starts the continuous erupting of humor we know and “love” from Thor and the other heroes. I think it's fair to say that Korg (A Kronan alien made of stone) is my favorite character in his entire movie.

In contrast to his rocky exterior are his soft voice and humor. I just love the guy's humor, he's such a dry ass, and he is amazing during the entire film. The alien picks up no social cues whatsoever and is basically daydreaming 90% if not more of the time. But when shit hits the fan, the stone wall is ready for action and definitely packs a punch.


Jane Foster's Transformation and Plot Development

We are all aware that Jane Foster, now Dr. Jane Foster, is dressed like Thor and is wielding Mjölnir as we have all seen in the Marvel movie and banners. Before I got to see the movie during the premiere, this left me with a lot of lingering questions.

While the movie did a good job at explaining itself, there may have been some cheesy moments and some sloppy plot writing. While I don't want to entirely trash the film, I must say that it felt more like a comedy show than a science fiction action movie filled with some humor.

Plot Holes

Plot Inconsistencies and Overall Thoughts

Not to mention that the Thor films often have a bit more humor than other Marvel films, which is fine, but the sheer volume of it made the story seem inconsequential and insignificant. I believe this movie would have turned out much better if they had approached it with a little more seriousness. Not that I didn't appreciate the film—I did—but I do believe that they could have handled a number of things far better.

To allow you to still enjoy the movie, I'll use a vague example;
The great villain in this film required an object to get to a specific location in space and time in order for his wicked plan to succeed. The problem is that Team Thor was already in possession of this item. They eventually stumble onto a research facility where the new bad guy found a path to this specific location.

Because we're talking about gods, who are meant to be all-powerful and the most intelligent beings in the universe, this also struck me as sloppy story writing. It should have seemed impossible to locate this location, but it was actually quite simple, and it defies logic that the Gods couldn't achieve it on their own.


The Verdict: A Must-Watch, But With Reservations

Because of this, the plot is not very powerful. Nevertheless, enough with the critical remarks about the film. The fight scenes were highly entertaining, especially when Jane and Thor were involved. You're going to enjoy this if you're a fan of the Mjölnir hammer. Naturally, the special effects were incredible, as would be expected from a Marvel movie.

The acting was great, you could feel the chemistry the cast members have through their characters. The movie's ending is really sincere and provides Thor new hope for the future.

Don't forget to always stay seated until after the credit scene and the after-credit scene. Marvel stepped up their game and is now doing two after-credit scenes because everyone else nicked their thing.

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