Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Published on 15 May 2022 at 00:13
Doctor strange Multiverse of Madness

Doctor strange and the madness of the multiverse starts off with quite the hectic scene as a new character is immediately introduced to the public. A lot of very important details are shown but not explained, it left me a bit confused but eager to see more of the madness unfolding before my eyes.

Right after, we are thrown in to a more peaceful scene as the characters discuss the time they lost because of the ''snap'' which Thanos was responsible for. Sthepen Strange eventually finds out about a mystical new power that threatens the multiverse like never before.

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Plot Twist and Villain Reveal

The story continues with an unexpected turn of events that leads to an interesting villain to reveal themselves. This wasn't that much of a shock if you have seen Wanda Vision. If you are planning to go see this movie, you should either watch Wanda Vision or at least take a look at one recaps.

Multi verse

Multiverse Content

The writers did a mediocre job on the multiverse content, as I expected more scenes in them. Instead, we get a slightly different world. Whereas it would have been much cooler to do scenes in, for example, a fully white and black world or something of the sort. I did like the little details they included, for it made the authenticity of the different verses a bit more believable.

Fight scenes

Fight Scenes

The fight scenes are pretty nice and even tend to get a little bit mad. I thought to myself more than once ''what in the world is going on right now?!'' When I thought it couldn't get any crazier, it did. The sheer power demonstration of one of the characters is absolutely insane and makes all the other powerhouses feel like tiny ants you can squish at any moment.


Doctor Strange's Dilemma

Doctor Strange has a big dilemma to face, the future depends on this decision. Our beloved doctor finds himself in a "strange" (wink, wink) verse and meets another important character which explains itself in the after credits. For now, this figure is the key to solving the big dilemma. The directors actually made a really creative scene and environment which I highly enjoyed around one of the last scenes in the movie.

What is your story

Storytelling and Conclusion

The story being told made little sense to me at some points but was fortunately explained in the end, or was it? The last few parts made me question quite a couple of things, but I suppose they had to leave some sort of open end because this story is far from being over. Overall, the movie is quite the blast and enjoyable for young and old. I must say that there are some questionable gruesome scenes that maybe not fit the PG13 standards.


After Credits Scene

I highly recommend staying after the credits for another cool scene as it makes you think about the movie for probably the rest of the day.

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