Morbius age of the modern vampire

Published on 21 May 2022 at 20:29
Morbius age of the vampire

Morbius a new marvel legend arrives is what the movie theater banners say. The critics and user reviews did not scare me to watch the movie, as I find that you should always check it out for yourself. Generally speaking, people have a broad variety of opinions and standards, and it's quite difficult for you as a specific individual to match those same opinions and standards.

Therefore, it's highly unlikely that your opinion of a movie is going to turn out exactly the same as some random online reviewer. You do not know this person, you do not know their norms and values or what kind of genres they find their joy in. So that's why I'm telling you go watch the movie, decide for yourself. I'm just here to give an unfiltered opinion.


Introduction to the Characters

The movie starts off with biochemist Doctor Michael Morbius played by Jared Leto, who did a wonderful job playing this mysterious character. Doctor Morbius is suffering from a very rare blood disease. This first movie completely revolves around the doctor curing himself and his friend Milo, played by Matt Smith, from this rare blood disease.


Doctor Morbius's Journey

In the past, he has already created artificial blood that helped many thousands, maybe millions of people. But he had yet had to find a cure for himself. Eventually, he thinks to have discovered a cure, but he inadvertently infects himself with a form of vampirism instead. Morbius displays glimmers of life for the all-too-commonplace genre before it spirals out of control. The movie's anti-hero approach is surprisingly authentic, turning Michael into a well-intentioned scientist obsessed with his disastrous experiment.


The Protagonist's Struggle

Seeing a protagonist struggle with their abilities rather than instantly mastering them adds a unique and compelling layer to a film. It makes the character more relatable and human, reflecting the challenges and obstacles we all face in life. In Doctor Michael Morbius's case, his struggle with vampirism parallels the inner turmoil one might experience when our actions have unintended consequences.

This internal conflict, and the themes of guilt and redemption that accompany it, invite the audience to engage more deeply with the character and the narrative. Ultimately, this approach to storytelling results in a more fulfilling and thought-provoking cinematic experience.


Critics and Public Opinion

The film faced its fair share of critiques, with a particular emphasis on the quality of CGI and the overall dark aesthetics employed throughout. Personally, I appreciated this shadowy and enigmatic visual style, finding it to be a fitting and refreshing departure from the norm. The way the characters' clothing and accessories seamlessly blended in and out of the scenes, leaving behind trails of deep reds and purples, was, to me, a fantastic visual spectacle. This unique approach to the movie's visuals significantly enhanced my viewing experience.


Political Correctness and Its Effects

The present-day public and critics are so filled up with over-created politically correct movies that they don't see an actual good movie without all this nonsense for what it is. Many movies and series have been wrecked because of political standards interfering. This movie actually shed some bright light on screen and shows a good example of what a movie looks like without a political force driving behind it.

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Plot Predictability and Future Expectations

Although this first build-up movie was quite interesting and cool, the plot was also quite a predictable one. But in spite of that, it didn't affect the quality and the lore the movie brought. At this point in time, the bad reviews are usually off the charts even for new movies and startups, the critics do not leave room for “error”. I think if the opportunity arises, the next movie will better its predecessor, and we get a more in-depth look at our new anti-hero and his soon-to-be deuteragonist.


Personal Experience and Expectations

Overall speaking, I highly enjoyed this movie, and it was actually a lot better than I expected based on the user and critic's reviews (no spoilers). Even though, I went into the theaters with an open mind. Heck, even some of my close friends didn't seem to like the movie, but I still did. I'm looking forward to the next movie in line and hope they keep up their no-nonsense approach. As always with Marvel movies, stay until after the credit scenes.

Go for it

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